The Sweets Castle Information

The Sweets Castle will open on March 25th.
The Sweets Castle is an interactive theme park.
Enjoy a special time in the sweet aroma of sugar and confectioneries.
sugar art works are displayed within the castle.

Opening hours

All day 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
Last entry time 3:30 pm

Irregular holidays

お姫様だっこ トリックアート

Ticket fee

Admission ticket (admission only)
Age 16 and over 1,300 yen
Age 3to15 1,000 yen
Under age3 Free

Additional fee is required for each experience

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Handmade sweets experience room

Cookie baking,Bake rice cracker,Bake Brazilian cheese puff,Decorate petit donuts.
Let’s make only one original sweets in the world!
This is an easy challenge for everyone from small children to adults.
After baking, you can enjoy eating the cookies, or just take them back home.


Rental dresses

You can choose your favorite one from about 300 dresses. Items for men and small children are also available.

Fee for each experience

Cookie baking Participant 500 yen One cookie dough
Bake rice cracker Participant 400 yen Rice cracker 5 pieces
Bake Brazilian cheese puff Participant 500 yen One Brazilian cheese puff dough
Decorate petit donuts
(Only on weekends and holidays)
Participant 500 yen Petit donuts 4 pieces,Sugar pen,Topping parts
Rental dresses Per dress 1000 yen 1 hour limited

Lunch information

A wide range of desserts is offered.

A wide range of sweets buffet.
Free drinks.
There  is a 90 minuts time limit.

Age 13 and over 900 yen
Age 6to12 700 yen
Age 3to5 500 yen

Reception time
10:00 AM to 3:30 PM


Address 1-11, Shinkawa, Inuyama-shi, Aichi

By car

From Tomei Expressway Komaki I.C., head north for 4 km on Route 41, turn east at Shimo Oguchi 3-chome intersection, turn right at the second traffic lights, and you will see us on your left at the end of the curve.

By train

From Nagoya Station Take the Inuyama Line from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station, transfer to the Komaki Line, alight at Gakuden Station and walk for approx. 20 minutes. Take the Inuyama Line from Meitetsu Nagoya Station, alight at Konan Station,and take a taxi for approx.15 minutes.